Droplet spectrum of spray from nozzles of a wheel operated boom sprayer used in agriculture




Spray spectrum, Droplet diameter, VMD, DV0.1, DV0.9, Span factor Water sensitive paper


The aim of the study was to evaluate the droplet spectrum of commonly used agricultural nozzles i.e., Flat fan, Hollow cone and Flood jet nozzle with the change in height of spraying and number of nozzles on the boom of awheel operated boom sprayer. The experimental study was carried out using water sensitive papers (WSP) laid on the ground in line to the sprayer nozzle. The droplet spectrum parameters like number of droplets, droplet diameter, DV0.1, DV0.5 and DV0.9 were measured using mobile based software namely Dropleaf. The software captured the stained image of the water sensitive paper after spraying operation using water was completed. The study revealed that the height of spraying and number of nozzles on a boom have a significant effect on droplet spectrum. The droplet diameter increases with the corresponding decrease in the number of the droplets by increasing the height of spraying. The span factor was found to be ideal at the maximum height and among the nozzles the flood jet was better in terms of uniformity of the spray.